marți, 1 februarie 2011


kneel before this vicious night
hold you hands between them tight
bow your head and close your eyes
feel the heat filling your thights

do your prayers,keep in mind…
to your thoughts,forever bind
sluty images and dreams
you know all is at it seems

put your fingers in your mouth
try in vain not to be proud
bite and renegate the wish
do you think that all shall perish?

…lust is not a sin…
in the eyes of a sinner
fantasise is your own keen
It’s a dream…and you’re a dreamer…

luni, 31 ianuarie 2011


Vanator al noptii
Contopeste-te cu lumina felinarelor reci
Lipeste-ti palmele de pavajul umed
Al strazilor stropite cu pasi seci…

Adulmeca praful pervazelor ruginite
Pe care sufletele-si odihnesc bratele
Mangaie gratiile usilor parasite
Contempla stresinile ce-ti plang amaric.

Trece-ti degetele lungi, dar ferme
Peste becul felinarelor reci
Saruta si pavajul umed
In lipsa buzelor mele seci…

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